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Hi there, TinkaInteractive is the one woman studio of Freelance Digital Designer & Information Architect Danielle Grund from Melbourne, Aus. I specialize in Creative for all Digital media, Concept & Layout of Online Banners, Edms/Newsletters, Websites, Microsites, iphone apps and more.

The Importance Of Mobile Website Design.

The Importance Of Mobile Website Design.
These days most everyone browses the internet on a daily basis, and most everyone has a mobile device on them at all times. Therefore in this day in age is is mandatory that all web site owners have a great mobile website design.

But how do you get a mobile website design? Almost every website hosting site offers the ability to convert the websites you design into a mobile website and you can also tweak it with the tools they offer to match your needs. It is also recommended that you try out your mobile website design on various platforms. You should use laptops and mac computers as well as android (various versions) and apple iphones so you can see how your customers will view your site. Of course most people don’t have all of those sitting around so you should ask to borrow various devices from family and friends and tell them that it is to test your mobile website design to ensure that it is user friendly. 

Without a proper mobile website design Melbourne from GMG Web your site could turn out to be clunky and perhaps not even usable by your potential customers. Therefore the need for one is very important.

We hope that this short article will get you thinking about your mobile website design and get you on the path to improving your customers mobile experience.